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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

San Mateo County Records: Estray Notices

Estray, in law, is any domestic animal found wandering at large or lost, particularly if the owner is unknown.

The Estray Act of 27 Mar 1897 provided that anyone that found any estray or domestic animal upon his property or on the roadway adjacent to his property may take the animal into possession and have a statutory lien on the animal for all the expenses incurred for its care.

The person who is holding the estray must file a notice with the Department of Agriculture within 5 days of impounding it.

An authorized inspector could take possession of the animal.  The inspector must try to find the owner and turn the animal over in exchange for the handling expenses.  If the owner did not come forward within 14 days the animal could be sold with the net proceeds (after paying the expenses) going to the Dept of Agriculture.  The owner could claim the net proceeds within a year.

Some of the Estray Notices filed in San Mateo County can be found in various drawers in the County Record Depository.  Here is an index of those found to date.

Dr Date Found by Where Description
5 1910 Barron, Andrew S Owl Dairy - Beresford 2nd township 4 calves
5 1907 Conti Bros. Colma one mare, 2 yr old colt, 6 m old colt held for damages to yard
5 1909 Corey & Rease Pebble Beach Hotel Pescadero 1 sow 2 barrow black
5 1909 Cramer, Charles Belle Air Park San Bruno Roan Colt
5 1902 Dotta, Louis Ranch north of Pescadero 2 year old heifer
5 1910 Emhoff, Frank Ranch Pescadero dark bob tailcow
5 1905 Enos, Manuel South San Francisco 2 wk calf
5 1898 Gillogley, Peter San Pedro bay mare about 8
5 1903 Greene, B S Colma bay mare  
5 1903 Griffin, M S Colma in potato field 3 heifers 
5 1897 Hall, Asa San Carlos bay colt
5 1904 Marceau, F Lake San Andreas sorrel colt
5 1908 Picaso, Andrew Ranch Pescadero Bull and Heifer
5 1902 Regley, CP Twelve Mile House  black horse about 8
5 1897 Silva C Ranch near San Bruno on mission road red milch cow
5 1896 Wilber A appraisal of lost property - Bicycle
61 1918 Holberton, George NW Side of Whipple 1 mile from RC 55284A and 55325- 43 Holstein
61 1940 SF Union Stock Yards 81441 

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