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Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Children Left Behind In World War II
Born Ute Schaab in Friedberg, Germany, shortly after World War II, Judy was the daughter of a white German woman and a black American soldier, whose mixed race led to her becoming one of many unwanted “Brown Babies” abandoned by their mother. Her powerful and riveting memoir describes the transformation she experienced in her quest to find both birth parents. From childhood in Germany shortly after the war to adulthood in America, her published work Too Brown to Keep: A Search for Love, Forgiveness, and Healing recounts the inspirational odyssey, as the search for her birth parents leads to discovery of the good, the bad, and the ugly family secrets that she had struggled to unearth for decades. Her journey of self-discovery results in a thought-provoking chapter on forgiveness and healing and concludes with a guide to researching your own ancestry or finding a family member or friend who has been missing from your life. 
To join our meeting at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, July 21st:
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Monday, July 13, 2020

Another quiz from the Virtual Genealogist

There IS an answer to this puzzle.  Can you figure it out?  There's one fact here which doesn't seem to fit. Take a look at that.  You will need to go onto Ancestry to do a bit of research.  Just one record and you'll have it.

John Mathias and his two sons were a prosperous, well-educated family. They were all born in Glamorgan and lived in Cumberland, UK.  None of them ever lived in Devon.  We don’t know too much about Henry, but here’s some information on William.  
Can you tell us where Mrs. Dorsey’s mother keeps her pub?

Send answers to  
The winner will have their answer posted on the smcgs blog

Monday, July 6, 2020

Online SMCGS book stall!

We've had some books donated to SMCGS.  Some will go to our library.  The rest are available for a small donation to the society.  Think of it as a seminar bookstall online.  If you've interested in any of them, please contact  Available for pickup in Menlo Park.