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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

SMC Newspapers: Redwood City Democrat/Star/Standard

The Times-Gazette, a republican newspaper,  had little local opposition until October 18, 1886 when the Redwood City Democrat was started by Nathan C. Cornell.

1893 - Remington Brothers Newspaper Manual - Pittsburg PA

After several changes of ownership, W. L. Davis purchased the Democrat in 1898, in partnership with James Vincent Swift, who had learned the newspaper business from the ground up on the Times-Gazette. The 1903 N.W Ayers and Sons American Newspaper Directory reported that Davis was the publisher and he shared editorial duties with Swift.  Shortly thereafter, according to Swifts biography, the partnership dissolved and Swift became the sole proprietor.

One notable issue of the Democrat was that of  July 4, 1910 which was produced solely by women. Posts on the Redwood City Voice. in 2015 and again as part of the Historical Blog series 2017 tell more.

When Mr. Swift, became the local postmaster in 1915, his son, Arthur V. Swift moved from the mechanical department, joining  James D. Hedge as publisher. In 1916 Hedge and Ed McGettigan added a daily paper to the mix.  That paper, The Star,  lasted only a year. 

In 1919 the Democrat was renamed the Redwood City Standard and Redwood City Democrat and in 1921 the name was shortened to the Redwood City Standard.

Publication continued until 1931 when the Redwood City Standard merged with the Tribune.

While some libraries such as UC Berkeley have limited issues, you will find many if not all issues of the papers at the repositories below.  Sources,  say the paper was started in 1886, however, no known collection begins before 1889.

Rowells American Newspaper Directory 1887 New York

  • Redwood City Democrat (weekly) microfilm 1889:3:7-1919:1:30   RCL(s),  CA Lib(s), SMCHA (p) originals RCL (p)
  • The Star (Daily)  Vol. 1, no. 19 (July 7, 1916) SMCHA Original (p)
  • Redwood City standard and Redwood City Democrat (weekly) Vol. 44, no. 20 (Feb. 6, 1919)-v. 46, no. 3 (Oct. 6, 1921) Microfilm RCL, CA Lib (s), SMCHA (p) Originals RCL
  • Redwood City Standard (weekly) Vol. 46, no. 4 (Oct. 13, 1921)-v. 45, no. 43 (Oct. 27, 1931) Microfilm RCL, CA Lib, Originals RCL
  • See the Tribune

(w) weekly (d) daily (n) daily except Sunday and holidays
(p) partial run  (s) scattered missing issues
CA Lib - California State Library
UCR - University of California Riverside - Newspaper Master Files
RCL - Redwood City Public Library
SM Lib - San Mateo City Library
SMCHA - San Mateo County Historical Association Archives 

Newspapers of SMC Don Piercy June 1941 SM 329 (SMCHA)

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