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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Layng & Tinney Mortuary Files revisited

The newest SMCGS project has begun.  The over 7000 files in the Layng and Tinney Mortuary Collection will be scanned to ensure they remain available for researchers use even if the physical files disappear.

The files can provide a wondrous amount of information on a family.  Take the file of John Bryson Abbott who died 28 Jan 1935.  Inside you will find newspaper clippings tracking his family for quite a few years.  In wondering why, we discovered that his bill was not completely paid until 1946.  

The file includes a Certificate of Burial which gives parents names and birth places, his wife, the fact he had lived in Redwood City for 9 years and that he is buried in Alta Mesa Cemetery.  There are two typed obituaries, plus two clipped from newspapers.  

There is a copy of the bill for the funeral and a notice of a trustee sale for the property in 1941. 

In addition there is a notice of his son Cyril's marriage license application as well as one for a nephew, an article about his son's fiance's bridal shower, an obituary for his sister, a hand written note sending the viewer to another file for information on the marriage of another son.  In other words, a lot of genealogical information that could save hours of research time.

This project is no small undertaking.  As Barbara Ebel and I set up the process today, just three files took us 45 minutes, so we can use all the help we can get.  If you would like to lend a hand using the library scanner, or by scanning at home contact for details.

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