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Friday, September 25, 2015

Sad News

Death of SMCGS Founder Member 
Anne Robinson

San Mateo County Genealogical Society was sad to hear of the death of one of our founder members, Anne Robinson on 20 September 2015. She was member 038. Anne was a volunteer since the early days. She worked originally with Anna Scott, the first SMCGS librarian, at the Redwood City location, and moved to each new location as the library moved. She didn’t retire until the library moved to Canada College when Anne was almost 90.
Anne special job was tracking the periodicals – and she hand lettered all the labels! In the Tower Road days she spent several afternoons each month working on this project. She was also a member of the library committee - helping with the management and reorganization of the library. And in her spare time she volunteered several days each month at CGS in Oakland, taking a train and BART up there and back!
Anne had recently moved to Sunrise Assisted Living in San Mateo.  She contracted pneumonia just a few days before her death.  She will be missed by her many friends at SMCGS.  93 year old Anne is survived by two sons, Patrick and William, and her daughter, Ruth who cared for Anne until her recent move to Sunrise. 

Anne will be missed by her many friends at SMCGS.

Christine Bell Green, SMCGS President would like to thank society members Mildred Clough for the information in this post and Evelyn Rice for the photo of Anne.

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