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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

San Mateo County Places - Kings Mountain

Kings Mountain was the scene of extensive logging from the 1860's until the 1920's.  Thousands of acres of virgin redwoods were felled.  Today the area is again heavily forested with mostly second-growth trees.
Purissima Creek Checkerspot
Beginning GIMP: From Novice to Professional by Akkana Peck (1)

Located along both sides of Skyline Blvd, the community formed around the 19th century landmark hotel, the Kings Mountain Browhouse, which was run by the Frank King family. Until the 1950's the area was mostly populated by "summer residents." With the completion of interstate highway 280 the area became more accessible and is now a full time residential community.

It is a majestic area containing the historic Purisima Canyon and part of the former toll road to the west. Here you will find Methuselah-of-the-skyline a giant Redwood with an estimated age of 1800 years.

King's Mountain was the site of the 1953 crash of BCPA Flight 304 in which all passengers were killed.  Take a walk through the Purisima Creek Open-space preserve and you can still see remnants of the crash.

The first King's Mountain Art Fair was held at King's Mountain in 1963 to support the operations of the Kings Mountain Volunteer Fire Brigade.  Still going strong, it is run entirely by volunteers every Labor Day Weekend.  If you haven't been give it a try, if you have you know it is worth an annual visit.  Don't plan to park close, watch for the shuttle bus stops or incorporate a hike into your day.

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