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Friday, June 11, 2021

The SMCGS Blog is getting renewed!

We have a new feed server for the SMCGS blog.  Here's your chance to sign up all your friends, or modify your subscription.  

You will receive a confirmation letter.  If you want to continue receiving the blog, click the GREEN part.  If you want to stop, click on the RED.  It looks like this.........

Please confirm that this is correct and you want to receive this content by clicking here, or decline if you don't want to receive it.

If you would like to comment on a blog, here's how to do it:

Method 1(preferred):  Open the blog by clicking on "continue reading".  Now you can post a comment.

Method 2 (emergency method):  Send me an email to

DO NOT CLICK REPLY TO THIS EMAIL.  It will only go to a dead letter box at  Notice the return address is

Next week: More on libraries, what's open, and our new, improved, all-inclusive, user friendly SMCGS Website.


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