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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

SMC Newspapers: The Times Gazette

In his Story of Redwood City, which was edited by John Edmunds years after his death, Roy Cloud notes......

"During the first few years of its existence San Mateo County had no newspaper to disseminate its news or in which to publish its official doings. This deficit was overcome on April 9, 1859 almost exactly three years after the formation of the County. On that day William Godfrey published the first issue of the San Mateo County Gazette."

The story goes on to state that, "Charles N. Fox was the editor of the Gazette for the first six months, then turned over his editorial duties to Mr. Godfrey who up to that time was printer and pressman."

The paper changed hands a number of times over the next few years, there was David Downer, proprietor and publisher in 1861, George W Fox, editor in 1864, Horace Hawes, Harvey Scofield (editor) and A Warren (printer) proprietors in 1866.

In 1871 Duncan and Sandy McPherson who owned the Santa Cruz Sentinel took over and continued until at least 1886.  In 1876 the Gazette purchased the San Mateo Times which had been established in 1874. The first issue of the consolidated Times-Gazette was published on 5 Feb 1876.

In 1893 the Times-Gazette was purchased by Denis and James O'Keefe.  James left to practice law after a few years, but Denis continued as editor until 1922 and continued ownership until the paper was sold to the Redwood City Tribune.

San Mateo County Times Gazette Index 1859-1899
San Mateo County Gazette Transcriptions by Chris Havnar on SFGenealogy 1906


  • San Mateo County Gazette (w) Vol. 1, no. 1 (Apr. 9, 1859)-v. 13, no. 24 (Sept. 9, 1871) Original RCL, CA Lib (p), Microfilm RCL, UCR, CA Lib
  • San Mateo Gazette  (w) Vol. 13, no. 25 (Sept. 16, 1871)-v. 17, no. 44 (Jan. 29, 1876) Original RCL, CA Lib (p), Microfilm RCL, UCR, CA Lib
  • Times and Gazette (w) Vol. 17, no. 45 (Feb. 5, 1876)-v. 28, no. 8 (May 22, 1886) Original RCL, CA Lib (p), Microfilm RCL, UCR (p) , CA Lib
  • San Mateo County Times and Gazette  (w) Vol. 28, no. 9 (May 29, 1886)-v. 31, no. 24 (Sept. 14, 1889) Original RCL, CA Lib (p), Microfilm RCL, UCR (p) , CA Lib   
  • (Redwood City) Times Gazette (w) Vol. 31, no. 25 (Sept. 21, 1889)-v. 75, no. 60 (May 24, 1935) ; v. 75 (May 31, 1935)-v. 76 (May 27, 1949) Original RCL, CA Lib (p), Microfilm RCL, UCR (p) , CA Lib   
  • Times Gazette: The Peninsula Beacon  (w) June 3, 1949-v. 104, no. 48 (Mar. 27, 1963) Original RCL (s), Microfilm RCL, CA Lib (p)
  • Times Gazette (w) Vol. 104, no. 49 (Apr. 3, 1963)-114th year, no. 52 (Apr. 25, 1973) Original RCL

(w) weekly (d) daily (n) daily except Sunday and holidays
(p) partial run  (s) scattered missing issues
CA Lib - California State Library
UCR - University of California Riverside - Newspaper Master Files
RCL - Redwood City Public Library
SM Lib - San Mateo City Library

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