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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

SMCGS Databases: Professional Registers

In 2006 SMCGS published the Index to the Professional Registers in book format.  The index which includes entries from six volumes found in the SMC Record Center is now among those that can be found in pdf format on the SMCGS website.

The volumes that are included are:
  •  Register of Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Pharmacists, Dentists and Dental Hygienists (Nov 26, 1923‐1952)  Affidavit forms in this volume contain the following information for the applicant: name, age, office address, date and number of license, nationality.  You will also find the signatures of president and secretary of governing board of his profession, of applicant and of county clerk.  Some records are duplicates of those actually created earlier and lost in the 1906 earthquake. This Volume is indexed in the front. It is then divided into sections according to the type of certificate: 
    • Chiropractic Pages 1‐98 (61‐98 are blank); Chiropodist Pages 99‐101A
    • Optometrists Pages 101A‐113 (This was an added section)
    • Osteopaths Pages 101‐164 (102‐164 are blank)
    • Osteopath (physician/surgeon) Pages 165‐200 (167‐200 blank)
    • Osteopath (drugless) Pages 201‐250 (205‐250 blank)
    • Pharmacists(licensed) Pages 251‐300 (258‐300 blank)
    • Pharmacists(registered agent) Pages 301‐350 (304‐350 Blank)
    • Dentists Pages 351‐400 (pages 397‐400 blank)
    • Dental Hygienists Pages 401‐440 (403‐440 blank)
    • Pages 441‐464 are missing from book
    • Physiotherapy Page 465  
  • Physicians, Surgeons & Optometrists (Oct 1876‐Mar 1929) The certificates in this volume show the education & diploma information for the applicant, signature of president and secretary of the state board of medical examiners, date and signature of county clerk.  Some certificates are typed and some are handwritten.  The are arranged chronologically. There maybe a chronology of the places the individual has practiced. Not only Physician, Surgeons and Optometrists are included despite the title of the book. There are also records for Veterinarians, Osteopaths, dentists, Pharmacists and Midwives..Indexed by Ken Tessendorf & Cath Trindle 
  • Index to Medical Licenses  (1876‐1931)  This is an index of physicians granted licenses to practice medicine in San Mateo County.  It gives the volume and page # of the entry in the preceding volume. Computer index created by Ken Tessendorf.  
  • Register of Dentists (May 23 1903‐July 26 1935) Entries include the following information for the applicant: name, age, office address, date & number of license, and nationality. There are signatures of president & secretary of the governing board of the appropriate agency, of the applicant and of the county clerk. Only the first 36 of 200 pages are filled in. Index by Ken Tessendorf.
  • Medical Certificates 1940‐1970 Arranged Alphabetically within each volume. 12 3/4 x 10 1/2 x @4 Post WPA and Coy I would think that an index to these certificates probably exists in the clerks office. We should check before doing any type of indexing. The first volume would be the only one likely to fit in a 1950 cut off date for indexes. [This record group was not included in the SMCGS index]
  • Index to Register of Doctor's Certificates (Aug 10, 1914‐May 29, 1951) These certificates give the University from which the Dr. graduated and the date. Besides regular certificates this volume includes reciprocity certificates which also give the original licensing state.  Indexed by Jack Taylor, Bob Tousey and Cath Trindle.
The following volumes were not indexed

  • Medical Certificates 1940‐1970 Certificates are arranged alphabetically within each volume.  
General Laws of the State of California 1906
In drawer 33/ cabinet RC5B1 there are entries for Certified Dentists who paid dues in 1903-1906.  The list is included in it's entirety here.

DE Blackburn - Pescadero 1903-1905
Ira H Chapman - Burlingame 1906
AW Collins - Redwood City 1905
Della M Johnson Locke - Half Moon Bay 1906
AL Sanderson - 1 B St., San Mateo 1903 & 1905
Ernest K Sisson - San Mateo 1903
J H Stineman - Redwood City 1905
WO Stuttmeister - Redwood City 1903-1906
In the drawer you will also find a  certified copy of the certificate of Heiman Bernhardt Adelson who was registered as an Optometrist on 4 Sep 1903. 

Index to the Professional Registers 

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Anthony Ray is an avid genealogist who specializes in church records, California, Mexican, and Southwest research. He has been researching his own family for the past fourteen years and has been a member of the Antelope Valley Genealogical Society, the Genealogical Society of Hispanic America, The Contra Costa County Historical Society, and the Solano County Genealogical Society.

In 2011, Ray was honored with being awarded the first Suzanne Winsor Freeman Student Genealogy Grant, which he used to further his research. He has done extensive research all throughout California, Arizona, and in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. He is currently in the process of researching and writing a comprehensive history of the Berryessa’s, a founding family of San Francisco and San Jose. 

In addition to being a genealogist, Ray is also a musician, currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in vocal performance and music education. He sings with the Los Angeles Master Chorale, Tonality, Lore Vocal Ensemble, and the Sunday Night Singers. He has also been a guest chorister with many other community and church choirs throughout the Los Angeles area.  -- Carolyn Williams

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