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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

SMCGS Databases: Creditor's Claims

Located in drawer 3 or Cabinet RC5B1 is a small collection of Miscellaneous Creditor's Claims Filed in Estate Which are not recorded. Most are claims for cemetery costs or doctors fees.  There are also claims by the county for Social Service funds, claims for clothing and hospital room and board.  Not quite fitting into the record set are two receipts for payment of inheritance tax and a Judgement against P J Olmo Stables & Co.

  • 4/25/1932 Thomas Anderson - Creditor Claim - Olivet Memorial Park
  • 5/14/1929 William Diechle - Creditor Claim - Dr. Benner / Dr Gehrels
  • 4/9/1930 John Doe - Creditor Claim - Cypress Lawn Cemetery Assoc.
  • 3/10/1932 Daniel D Gonzales- Creditor Claim - Franz Gehrels
  • 6/16/1932 Marie Carlier- Creditor Claim - Social Service Commission SMC repayment  of money  total over 2800
  • 4/7/1924 William Gualaume - Creditor Claim - Community Hospital note: room and board in hospital 15 a week at this time
  • 12/6/1932 Harry Harris - Creditor Claim - RJ Gerloagh MD
  • 7/6/1931 Alice McClelland - Creditor Claim -  Social Service SMC total over 1700
  • 6/24/1931 Marie Miller - Creditor Claim - Cypress Lawn Cemetery Assoc.
  • 1/14/1933 Carl Philip  - Creditor Claim -  Mills & Hagborn Tailors remained for 2 sack suits
  • 1/1/1931 Edwin Joseph Scott - Creditor Claim - Social Service Commission of San Mateo County
  • 4/11/1932 Edwin Joseph Scott- Creditor Claim - Community Hospital 2 days at $5 a day
  • 4/16/1930 Wilmar Dewitt-Weston - Creditor Claim - California Memorial Columbarium
  • 3/10/1932 Louis H Willats - Creditor Claim -  Franz Gehrels
  • 12/20/1947 C C Kriemle - Creditor Claim - Alfred C Reed MD
  • 7/5/1945 Diedrich J Schaffer - Creditor Claim - Crosby-N. Gray  & Co
  • 10/27/1949 Norman Butcher - Creditor Claim - TG McCarthy & Sons
  • 8/11/1955 Eleanor S Rognas Receipt for Inheritance tax $10 pd by Robert Rognas on $63 bill
  • 8/8/1955 Elizabeth A Gow Receipt for Inheritance tax $277.18 estate to daughter 18858.81
  • 11/9/1951 George Olmo Judgement P J Olmo Stables, Co & Co-Partnership Judgement for $1250 plus costs
  • 11/9/1951 William David Judgement P J Olmo Stables, Co & Co-Partnership Judgement for $1250 plus costs

The California State Archives has a new exhibit! Visit the California Digital Archives for links to all exhibits and digital collections available.

California Goes to War: World War I and the Golden State
State Archives Digital Exhibit Documents California Experience During World War I

SACRAMENTO – April marks 100 years since the United States entered World War I, and the California State Archives has released its latest digital exhibit, “California Goes to War: World War I and the Golden State”.

A turning point in global history, the First World War shaped the twentieth century in immeasurable ways. It slaughtered millions of people, wounded countless more, obliterated entire towns, and all but annihilated an entire generation of young European men. The four-year war destroyed major empires and redrew the European map in ways that led to another, even more destructive world war less than two decades later. 

This exhibit presents an overview of the U.S. entry into World War I, the actions taken by California to prepare for war, and instances of support and opposition to the conflict. The actual war in Europe is then viewed through the experiences of a young Californian, Stanley Cundiff, who served in the 322 Field Signal Battalion of the American Expeditionary Forces and the Army of Occupation. The exhibit follows Cundiff from enlistment, to the theater of war in France, occupation in Germany, and finally, back home to the United States. 

“This exhibit is rich with century-old documents and photographs that provide a vivid narrative of the role of Californians and their sacrifices during World War I,” said Secretary of State Alex Padilla. “I am in awe of the work of our talented state archives staff in assembling this true and well documented story so that we can share it with the public,” Padilla added.  

“California Goes to War” is the latest exhibit released in partnership with Google. The State Archives have now posted seven digital exhibits though the Google Cultural Institute. Prior exhibits have explored: California during World War II, the construction of the Bay Bridge, California’s first motorists, roads and highways, the history of California state parks, the office of the California Secretary of State, and the nation’s first political consulting firm, Campaigns Inc.   

To view all of the State Archives’ exhibits available through Google Cultural Institute visit: 

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