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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

San Mateo County Cemeteries: God's Acre on the Hill

Tripp's Store

Emeline Tripp died in 1886 and was buried in "God's Acre" Cemetery across from the family store in Woodside alongside an unnamed daughter who died as an infant.  Her remains were moved to Union Cemetery in Redwood City.  In 1941 a cousin, Emma Locke who lived in Massachusetts, had her moved again to Cypress Lawn in Colma.  There she lies with her husband Abby.  Whether the unnamed daughter was moved is unknown. Emeline Tripp -FindAGrave 


"Both Agnes and William Bourn were buried in the cemetery (in 1936) on the knoll overlooking the House and valley, with Maud and their infant son, whose grave had been moved to the site. In 1981 their granddaughter Elizabeth Rose was buried in the family plot. The Bourn family still owns the five-acre burial plot. A copy of a Celtic cross at Muckross Abbey stands on the knoll with the words “Fight, Live and Live” carved on its base. The first “live” was undoubtedly a mistake."   Filoli : The Bournes
celtic cross from the cemetary at Filoli

Earlier their daughter Maud (m. Vincent), who had died on 12 Feb 1929 in New York City, enroute to visit her ailing father was the first to be buried.  The gravesite chosen had a view of the lake.  Today the view is obstructed by oaks and madrones.

The Last Bonanza Kings: The Bourns of San Francisco by Ferol Egan  quotes a letter written by Will in October of 1929 to Judge Olney, " We have consecrated a bit of ground, called God's Acre on the Hill. It is our family burial ground. Would it not be wise to deed God's Acre to St. Matthews Church as I think the time will come when no one will care for it and all is now done with that in mind. If it could be made tax free I do not see how it is humanly possible to better protect it."
William Bowers Bourne - 1

Agnes, William, Maud and Elizabeth Rose do not lie alone in the lands of Filoli,  In 1935 H Squires first sampled remains found on the estate. In the 1970s forty-six Ohlone burials dating approximately 895-1400 AD were identified.  California Archeology

Mythic Implications of Faunal Assemblages from Three Ohlone sites. Barbara Lee Jones 2010
Ohlone Dig at Filoli 1977  Includes pictures
Matson and Roth Family History  LM Roth

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