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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

John Christ: Redwood City Town Marshall

John Christ Elder
John M. Christ
"John Christ. Was born in Germany (actually Gluckstadt, Holstein, Denmark)  June 8, 1838, and received his education in his native country. He came direct to this coast in 1861, and to San Mateo county during the same year. He ran a boat on the bay from the embarcadero to San Francisco until 1868, when he engaged in the wood, coal and grain trade, which he still follows.  Mr. Christ, before going to California, was a tailor, having left home at the age of sixteen to follow that occupation, his voyages carrying him to many countries.  He married Theresa Putner, and they have seven children, Cornelius, Julia, George, Charlotte, Olive, John and Franz." History of San Mateo County(6) 

Charlotte, Theresa, Ollie @1890
Besides his warehouse, wood and coal business which was located in Redwood City at Beech and Heller Streets (3), John continued the operation of several schooners.  In 1878 he was elected to the office of town marshal of Redwood City for a two year term. He was reelected in 1882 and from that time on served for many years either as a town trustee or as marshal.  In 1896 he retired from trade but continued living in Redwood City until about 1923 when he moved to live with his daughter, Julia Rathbone, in Kentwood.

The San Mateo Times of 13 Feb 1933 
John and Theresa had a home at 114 Madison Ave where it met the road to San Francisco (El Camino Real)(3).  They were members of the First Congregational Church and John belonged to the Odd Fellows, the Ancient Order of United Workmen and served as a volunteer fireman.
Christ Home 1878

In her History of John Christ, Sue Corso notes, "Longevity of life and good health were some of the blessing of his life, as were his children.  He lived to be over 94 years of age at his passing.  His granddaughter, Florence E. C. LeRoy, remembers that he would walk to town from Lowell Street everyday, when they lived together with her family.This was in the early 1920's."

John Christ (Jun. 8, 1838 - Schleswig-Holstein, Germany- Feb. 11, 1933, Kenwood CA)  John married Theresa Puttner (Mar. 16, 1846 NY -  Jun. 6, 1934 CA)  on 7 Jan 1868 aat St. Mark's Lutheran Church in San Francisco.  John and Theresa are buried in Union Cemetery.

John and Theresa had nine children and outlived all but two.

Cornelius circa 1880
Julia Christ Rathbone
George - Music Teacher

  1. Cornelius Nicholas   (pr. 12, 1870 CA - Jan. 7, 1900 CA(2)) Cornelius died of typhoid fever and is buried Union Cemetery plot N134
  2. Julia Char  (Sep. 3, 1872 CA -  Nov. 5, 1927 CA)  married Leland D Rathbone (1861-1938) on 30 Jun 1896.(6)  They settled in Kenwood, Sonoma County after Leland retired as minister of the First Congregational Church in Redwood City.
  3. Herman M.   (13 Apr 1873 CA - 30 Apr 1876 (2)) Herman died of Scarlet Fever.  He is buried in Union Cemetery plot N134. 
  4. Theresa   (15 Jan 1875 - 3 May 1876 (2)) Theresa died of of Scarlet Fever and is buried in Union Cemetery.
  5. George Charles (Apr. 30, 1876 Redwood City  Jul. 9, 1965 CA) George married Edith Brace (1886-1979) on 31 Jan 1911.  George was a resident of Redwood City and a Journeyman Carpenter.  He served in the Navy during the Spanish American War. A Member of the Eagles Lodge and carpenters union local 1408, George is buried in Golden Gate national cemetery.  George and Edith had four children:  
    1. Lucille ( b.11 Feb 1912  d.26 March 2003) married Diego Moyano
    2. John C (b.3 June 1913 d.5 September 2006) married Josephine Gibson
    3. Florence (living)  mother of family researcher Sue Corso
    4. George  (b 28 March 1924 d. 28 February 2005) married three times.
  6. Charlotte Ernestine (May 3, 1878 Redwood City Oct. 19, 1923 Redwood City) Charlotte married Frank Pitman Wentworth (1867-1960) on 25 Jun 1902 (6) Charlotte was a member of the First Congregational Church and the Redwood City Woman's Club. She died unexpectedly after a short illness and minor operation. Charlotte and Frank had four children George Cornelius(4), John Russell, Frank Dealton (3) and a daughter who died in infancy.
  7. Olive R. (11 Mar 1880 Redwood City - 31 Mar 1979 Stanford) Ollie married Hary Winslow Brace (1879-1953) on 8 Sep 1903. She lived most of her life on the peninsula where she was a member of the Order of Eastern Star and of the Palo Alto Lawn Bowling Club.   Ollie and Hary had two sons: Harry and Beverly(4).   Ollie is buried in Alta Mesa Cemetery. 
  8. John   (Mar. 17, 1881 CA Sep. 21, 1887(2)) John is buried Union Cemetery plot N135
  9. Frank 1957
    Charlotte Christ Wentworth
    as teen.
  10. Frantz P.   (Frank) (Sep. 25, 1882 CA  - Jul. 31, 1894(2)) Franz is buried Union Cemetery plot N134  
Parade Float of Christ Coal & Feed Store, on Broadway, Redwood City. CA
Left to right. George Christ,abt 14: Cornelius Christ, abt 20: John Christ Sr.abt
 42 Mr Ketlins,  unknown Driver, Frantz Christ, abt 8 yrs
All pictures courtesy of Joe Wentworth    

Resources for Christ Genealogical Research
  1. Find A Grave Memorial # 52970436  Links to memorials for the rest of family.
  2. James Crowe Death Register   Cornelius, Frank P, Herman M., John Theresa
  3. Christ Redwood City Land Records
  4. San Mateo County Birth Index  
    1. Brace Beverly Orlando 1904 10 12 Christensen M 1D 360
    2. Brace Harold Henry 1906 11 28 AF B2 1018 85 
    3. Christ Florence E 1920 10 9 Brace F 8 45
    4. Christ George C 1924 3 28 Brace M 11 120
    5. Christ John O 1913 6 3 Brace M 4 156
    6. Christ Lucille B 1912 2 11 Brace F 3a 353
    7. Wentworth Frank D 1906 1 3 Christ M 2 264 1017 376
    8. Wentworth George Cornelilus  1903 4 7 Christ M 1 215 A 210
  5. Richard Schellens Collection of Historical Materials Christ entries p 395-397.  See also Brace, Rathbone and Wentworth
  6. History of San Mateo County (1883)  p.266  
  7. Irvine, Leigh Hadley, A history of the new California: its resources and people, Volume 2  pg.656-7
  8. The History of John Christ     By M Sue Corso   August 25, 2000 
  9. San Mateo Times Gazette Index  (1859-1879) 
    1. Christ, boy 23-Apr-1870    b.12-Apr   John Christ (Cornelius)
    2. Christ, boy 19-Apr-1873    b. 13-Apr   J. Christ  (Herman)
      1. Christ, Herman  06-May-1876    d.28-Apr   3 yr./ John Christ
    3. Christ, girl  23-Jan-1875    b 15-Jan   J. Christ (Theresa)
      1. Christ, Theresa  06-May-1876    d.31 Apr   1 yr./ John Christ 
    4. Christ, boy  06-May-1876    b. 29-Apr   John Christ (George)
    5. Christ, girl   25-May-1878    b. 03-May   John Christ (Charlotte)
  10. San Mateo County Marriage Index. 
    1. Brace Harry W 24 Christ Ollie R 23 8-Sep 1903 5 341 Redwood City  
    2. Christ George C 34 Brace Edith L 24 31-Jan 1911 9 522 Redwood City
    3. Rathbone L D 35 Redwood City Christ Julia S 24 Redwood City 30-Jun 1896
    4. Wentworth Frank P 24 Redwood City Christ Charlotte E 24 Redwood City 25-Jun 1902 5 250 Redwood City

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