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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

SMCGS Databases Online: Valente 2

We have just uploaded an updated index to the Valente, Marini and Perata Mortuary Records.

The early books are not in the best condition, partially due to age and partly due to the fact that after the 1906 earthquake, as fire swept through the city,  Mr. Perata grabbed the ledgers and ran across the street and buried them in Washington Park.  It is our hope to get those early books digitized for the  Colma Historical Society before we finish the project.

As we were indexing, we found a number of entries stating "remains transferred to J Hagan."  Lauren Perrit did a little research and found that J Hagan was the owner of Sunset View cemetery (the pauper's cemetery).  In the earlier books there are also a number of notations that graves were gratis in other cemeteries.

The early books are more than just registers of burials.  They are journals that contain information on the entire business, including payments to vendors, charges for taking family out for drinks and much more.  They also resemble scrapbooks at times, with interesting articles and documents pasted on the inside covers and on blank pages.

Index to the Valente, Marini and Perata Mortuary Records.  

If you would like to help with this project, either by helping with the index, or by helping with the digitizing of the early books, contact 

Streetwise: Valente, Marini and Perata - Outside

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