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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

SMC Cemeteries: Chinese

In Feb of 1898, Ellen Maria Barry (daughter of Owen McMahon), petitioned the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors for authorization to extablish a cemetery on her inherited land in the area known as Happy Valley,

In a review on Yelp Mike C notes.......

"This particular cemetery is one of the larger and definitely the oldest amongst the Chinese dominant locations.  My father told me that only members of the Kong Chow Benevolent Association are here which is a big deal given how large the Bay Area Chinese community is now."  

Twice a year the Chinese visit this and other Chinese cemeteries to pay respects to their ancestors.  While the younger more modern generations might only bring offerings of flowers, tradition suggests full ceremonies with incense, food and burning money.

According to Sean Keacham's post of 2015 there are two small potter's fields in the corners of this cemetery.
When we visited this cemetery recently, it looked like construction was underway.  What was being constructed wasn't clear, currently the office is on Jason Street in San Francisco, are they moving it to the cemetery?

Daly City's Cemeteries  by Russ Brabec
Chinese Cemetery on Facebook
San Francisco's Old Chinese Cemetery - Sean Keacham

Find A Grave - only 88 listings

  • Chinese Cemetery  
    Address4650 Callan Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015 Phone number(650) 992-4581 

 Chinese Cemetery Association

Address34 Jason Ct, San Francisco, CA 94133  (415) 982-4148

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

SMC Newspapers: San Mateo Leader & The San Mateo County News

On 25 May 1889, Charles N Kirkbride and R H Jury with help from Henry P Bowie, established the San Mateo Leader, the first newspaper in the city of San Mateo. Jury subsequently bought out Kirkbride and became the sole owner.  At some time before 1913 the Leader was purchased by Charles M Morse.

On 1 Nov 1913 John D Bromfield and AP Bellisle purchased the leader from Morse. Bellisle had been working with Morse in the production of the Leader and Bromfield had been working for the San Francisco Call for about five years.  Within a few months of the purchase, the two young men had announced their intention to establish a new daily newspaper. The History of San Mateo County reported that they had over six hundred subscriptions within less than Two days.

Many thought the enterprise wouldn't be successful, however, it took off.  They continued to publish the Leader as a weekly paper.  Eventually,  Bromfield bought out Bellisle and became the sole owner.  On 31 Dec 1918 he combined the two papers into the the Daily-News Leader.  In 1920 the paper was purchased by Ed S Riggins of San Francisco.

It continued production until 21 Jan 1926 when it was purchased by Horace W Amphlett and consolidated with the San Mateo Times

The San Mateo County News  - History of San Mateo County from the Earliest Times - 1916
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  • News-Leader (Daily/no Sunday) Vol. 7, no. 76 (Apr. 1, 1920)-v. 9, no. 203 (Aug. 31, 1922) Microfilm CA Lib (s) , SM Lib (s) , UCR (s)
  • Daily News Leader (Daily/ no Sunday) Vol. 9, no. 204 (Sept. 1, 1922)- v. 13, no. 16 (Jan. 20, 1926) Microfilm   SM Lib, UCR (s) CA Lib, SMCHA (p)

(w) weekly (d) daily (n) daily except Sunday and holidays
(p) partial run  (s) scattered missing issues
CA Lib - California State Library
UCR - University of California Riverside - Newspaper Master Files
RCL - Redwood City Public Library
SM Lib - San Mateo City Library
SMCHA - San Mateo County Historical Associatino

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Barry's Bits and Upcoming Events






SMCGS Meeting-   Saturday, Jun 23, 10:30 am - 12 noon
 Grace Lutheran Church, 2825 Alameda de las Pulgas, San Mateo Entrance in back.

  Ireland Online
 Cath Trindle
         10:00 am Cookies and coffee

Join us for this exploration of Irish online resources.  The celebration of the Centennial of the Easter Uprising of 1916 caused a tremendous surge in the availability of online records, and the upcoming 2022 and 2040 projects are keeping the movement going.  The emphasis will be on free resources with a glimpse at what is available on paid sites.
Sharing Stories:  June Baxter will read My Roommate

The Public is welcome to this FREE event. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SMCGS Databases Online: Inventories

Learn the Importance of the Historical Records Survey: Historical Records Survey workers inventorying and surveying records in a sub-cellar below river level in New York City c. 1935.

Historical Records Survey

In 1938 an inventory of the Archives of San Mateo County was taken as part of the Historical Records Survey: Division of Women's and Professional Projects - Work Progress Administration.  It was published by the Historical Records Survey in San Francisco in June 1838.  While delving into the drawers at the County Record Repository many years ago, a copy of the publication was found.  This is a digitized copy.  In it you will find a listing of all the found records by department.  As we search for records of the past this is a guide to what existed just prior to WWII.

Historical Records Survey #42 - San Mateo County
Historical Records Survey - Living New Deal
Historical Records Survey - Wikipedia
Historical Records Survey - Guide to Unpublished
NARA Records of the Work Progress Administration

Historical Records of County Government in California

In 1981, Secretary of State, March Fong Eu, in conjunction with the State Archives, the California Historical Records and Consultant Service with funding from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission, created "Identification of the Historical Records of County Government in California."  This document provides a helpful description of the records that should be found in every county in the state.

Identification of the Historical Records of County Gov. in CA