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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Early Families: Augustus Eikerenkotter

Eikerenkotter Hotel - Searsville 1862
Near current intersection of Sand Hill and Portola Roads
Courtesy of San Mateo History Museum
bn. 20 Jun 1817 Preu├čen
d. 26 Jul 1887 Searsville

 "A. Eikerenkotter. Mr. Eikerenkotter was born in Prussia, Jun 30, 1817. He was reared and educated in his native country, and came to the United States in 1834. He settled in Charleston, S.C., where he lived eleven years, afterwards locating in New Orleans.  He came to this state around the Horn, and arrived in San Francisco January 6, 1850, on the bark Tarleton, Captain Hale commanding.  After a stay of one week in the city with Mr. Russ, he went to Sacramento, and then moved to Coloma El Dorado county, locating at Sutter's mill, where he engaged in mining.  He then moved to the middle fork of the American river and thence to Dry Diggings, Placer county, where he engaged in a mercantile business and hotel keeping. In the fall of 1850 he returned to San Francisco, and kept the Paradise Hotel at the corner of Pine and Kearny streets.  In 1852 he came to Searsville, where he has erected a hotel, and keeps a store, in connection with the post office.  He married Helena Lesemann, and Charles F., Edward, Tilla, Julius, Albert, and George, are his children."  History of San Mateo County p.288

Helena Lesemann (1 Jun 1827  - 21 Apr 1891) was born in Hamburg Germany.  The land indexes for San Mateo County show a Magdalena Eikerenkotter as a grantor of land in 1857 and a mortgagor in 1863.  Is this in fact Helena, or is there another Eikerenkotter that does not show up in other records, perhaps a mother or sister-in-law of Augustus? The actual records might provide an answer.

1866 Great Register - San Mateo County 
The 1860 Agricultural Census shows Augustus owning 150 acres worth $3000, equipment valued at
$50, 12 cows and 7 swine worth $1500 and wheat worth $1600.

Augustus was appointed as postmaster for Searsville on 20 Jun 1871.  After his death, his son Julius was appointed to replace him.  Augustus, Helena and other family members are buried in plot B10 in  Union Cemetery in Redwood City. 
Eikerenkotter Plot in Union Cemetery - CAT

  1. Charles Frederick 20 Sep 1848 Louisiana   m. Lizzie Doran 1878  Walter 13 Aug 1871 
    1. Walter Hancock 13 Aug 1871
    2. Alice  9 Oct 1878 m William Dickie 1899
  2. Edward 1851 Coloma, CA - 31 Jul 1897  Redwood City m. 1888 Katie McNulty (1861 -1886). Edward served as county Auditor and County Clerk and then deputy Clerk until his retirement in 1895. He was living in Palo Alto at the time of his death.
    1. Girl 18 Jun 1879 - 18 Jun 1879
    2. Boy 2 Jul 1880 - 2 Jul 1880
    3. Earnest August 24 Feb 1884  - 1 Aug 1921 m Theresa Elsmann 1912 Spokane WA. In 1920 Earnest was working as a meat inspector in Oakland.  After his suicide Theresa returned to Washington and remarried.  There were three children Edward, Warren and Florence. At least one, Warren, took his step-father's name, Downey.
    4. Edwards obituary lists another living son, but no name is given.
    5. girl 26 Jun 1886.  A daughter is listed in the obituary, but no name is given.
  3. August 30 Sep 1853-  2 Oct 1866 (buried in Union Cemetery)
  4. Matilda (Tillia) 1854-1907 m Otto H. Klump 1877
  5. Julius C 1856 - 1925 m Alice Taylor 1889 moved to Santa Rosa
    1. Lena 20 May 1890 
    2. Emma 14 Apr 1892 m. John Myers
    3. Julius McKinley 1894- 18 Feb 1894
    4. Beatrice 1903 m. Zipful 1932
  6. Albert Hilton 12 Oct 1858 Searsville - 30 Oct 1916 San Mateo m. Mary Esther Rapley (Minnie) 1870 – 1944 . Albert and Mary are buried in St. John's Catholic Cemetery in San Mateo.Their granddaughter Donna Jean is buried with them.  Albert was Superintendent of the County Poor Farm after the turn of the century.
    1. Matilda Catherine 2 Nov 1894 - 26 Nov 1965 m. Albert J. Rapp (1894-1953) Catherine and Albert are buried in Golden Gate National Cemetery. 
    2. Albert Joseph 1925
    3. Thomas 1926
    4. Albert Hilton 18 Aug 1899 - 9 Jun 1977  m.1935  Viola Selma Smith (1904-2002) Albert and Viola lived in Burlingame and in San Mateo.  They are buried in Gate of Heaven Catholic Cemetery in Los Altos. 
    5. Laura Esther Eikerenkotter 9 Apr 1903 – 27 Apr 1982 m. Robert Gustafson (1902-1991) Laura and Robert are buried with Albert and Mary in St. John's Cemetery.
    6. Roberta 1929 m Albert H Reyen 1951
    7. Carolyn 1938
  7. George Eikerenkotter Jul 1859 – 10 Oct 1930 m. Lillian Welch 1888
  8. San Mateo Times and Daily Leader
    10 Oct 1930 p2
    1. Carlton George 1889- 31 Aug 1890
    2. Earl 6 Oct 1893 - Earl was an upholsterer in Redwood City in 1927 perhaps married a Whipple
    3. Florence A 17 Jan 1895 - 6 Dec 1943 (Elsie F)  m. Merrick Hersey. Elsie is listed in the 1920 census as a daughter. As there is no Elsie listed in 1900 or 1910 it is assumed that Elsie and Florence are the same person. The CA death index confirms her father was Eikerenkotter and her mother Welch.  Adding to the confusion, George's obituary states his daughters name is Edna.
    4. Seymore George 26 Feb 1898 m. Mabel Williams 1926
  9. Lina 1863   - 24 Mar 1878 Searsville 

This is just a quick genealogy of the family using SMCGS databases and online census records and newspapers.  Much more could be filled in with adequate research.

Source Records for the Eikerenkotter Family 

San Mateo County Death Records
  • Eikerenkotter Edward A 31-Jul-1897 44 4 11 M W white California appendicitis Dr E W Charles clerk Palo Alto 17-Aug-1897 1 44 15 A 284
  • Eikerenkotter Geo C 31-Aug-1890 11 1 M white California inft corls J L Ross Searsville 1 44 6 Eikerenkotter Helena 21-Apr-1891 63 10 21 F W white Germany hemg brain W M Barrett Searsville 1 44 8 A 66
  • Eikerenkotter Lina 24-Mar-1873 10 7 20 F S white San Mateo bowel disease clergyman H E Jennett Searsville 1 44 1 E
San Mateo County Marriages
  • Eikerenkotter George Seymour 28 Redwood City Williams Mabel Mildred 22 Redwood City 21-Aug 1926 25 178 Redwood City 
  • Eikerenkotter Julius C 32 Searsville Taylor Alice M 19 Redwood City 14-Aug 1889 4 79 Redwood City 
  • Eikerenkotter Geo W 28 Searsville Welch Lillie F 22 Redwood City 1-Nov 1888 4 57 Redwood City
  • Eikerenkotter Albert 35 Redwood City Rapley Minnie E 23 Searsville 6-Feb 1894 4 222 Redwood City 
  • Eikerenkotter Albert Hilton 33 San Mateo Smith Viola Selma 29 Burlingame [San Mateo] 26-Jun 1935 40 380 San Mateo  
San Mateo Times Gazette Index numerous entries

James Crow's Mortuary Register

  • EIKERENKOTTER (Infant) Redwood City 6/18/1879 Redwood City Single White Union Cemetery 6‐19‐1879 James Crowe
  • EIKERENKOTTER A. 70 26 Prussia 7/26/1887 Searsville Married M White Hotel Keeper Union Cemetery 7‐29‐1887 James Crowe
  • EIKERENKOTTER Edward A. 44 4 11 California 7/31/1897 Palo Alto Widower M White Clerk Appendicitis E. W. Charles, M.D. Union Cemetery 8‐2‐1897 James Crowe
  • EIKERENKOTTER George C. 11 1 California 8/31/1890 Searsville Infant Couls? J. L. Ross EIKERENKOTTER Helena 63 10 21 Germany 4/21/1891 Searsville Widow F White Hemorrhage of brain W. M. Barret Union Cemetery 4‐23‐1891 James Crowe
  • EIKERENKOTTER Julius Jr. 1 2 South San Francisco 3/18/1894 South San Francisco Single M White Union Cemetery 3‐20‐1894 James Crowe
  • EIKERENKOTTER Lina 10 7 20 San Mateo Co. 3/24/1873 Searsville Single F White Bowel Disease H. E. Jewitt, Clergy
  • EIKERENKOTTER Mrs. E. 28 8 24 San Francisco 7/9/1886 Redwood City Married F White Union Cemetery 7‐11‐1886 James Crowe
Coroner's Records
  • 1003 8 1921 Aug 01 Eikerenkotter, Earnest A. 28.42 California suicide - severed arteries
Schellen's Index  numerous entries

San Mateo County Land Records

  • Eikerenkotter Aug 3 Nov 1865 D4 563 thru 566 Grantor Canada de Raymundo Rancho Mortgage with SF Savings Union 
  • Eikerenkotter Aug 6 Jan 1863 Mort2 119 thru 121 mortgagor 
  • Eikerenkotter August 10 Mar 1857 D1 114 Grantee 
  • Eikerenkotter August 15-Aug-1857 Mort1 89 thru 92 mortgagor Buri Buri Rancho 
  • Eikerenkotter August 18 Apr 1863 Mort2 198 thru 200 mortgagor 
  • Eikerenkotter August 3 Sep 1857 D1 199 grantor 
  • Eikerenkotter August 6 Oct 1858 D1 425 grantor 
  • Eikerenkotter Helena (wife) 3 Nov 1865 D4 563 thru 566 Grantor Canada de Raymundo Rancho Mortgage with SF Savings Union 
  • Eikerenkotter Lina 18 Apr 1863 Mort2 198 thru 200 mortgagor 
  • Eikerenkotter Lina 6 Jan 1863 Mort2 119 thru 121 mortgagor 
  • Eikerenkotter Magdalene 3 Sep 1857 D1 199 grantor
  Census (see list of common sources)

  • 1860 - Township 3, San Mateo, California; Roll: M653_65; Page: 80 
  • 1870 - Township 4, San Mateo, California; Roll: M593_87; Page: 382A
  • 1880 
    • Augustus - Searsville, San Mateo, California; Roll: 80; Page: 424B; Enumeration District: 239
    • Charles - Redwood City, San Mateo, California; Roll: 80;  Page: 401B; Enumeration District: 238
  • 1900
    • Charles - Suisun, Solano, California; Roll: 113; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 0147
    • Julius - Township 1, San Mateo, California; Roll: 109; Page: 1A; Enumeration District:0036
    • George -  Redwood City, San Mateo, California; Roll: 109; Page: 2A; Enumeration District:0041
    •  Albert - Township 3, San Mateo, California; Roll: 109; Page: 22B; Enumeration District:0040
  • 1910
    • Julius  - Santa Rosa Ward 1, Sonoma, California; Roll: T624_109; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 0157
    • George - Township 3, San Mateo, California; Roll: T624_104; Page: 13B; Enumeration District: 0058
    • Albert - Township 2, San Mateo, California; Roll: T624_104; Page: 9B; Enumeration District
  • 1920
    • Charles - San Rafael, Marin, California; Roll: T625_120; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 91 Living with son who is using the last name Williams.  Charles is listed as divorced.
    • Julius -  South San Francisco, San Mateo, California; Roll: T625_145; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 65
    • George - Redwood City, San Mateo, California; Roll: T625_145; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 79
    • Mary - San Mateo, San Mateo, California; Roll: T625_145; Page: 14B; Enumeration District: 71
  • 1930
    • Laura - San Mateo, San Mateo, California; Roll: 216; Page: 7A; Enumeration District:0030
  • 1940
    • Catherine - Burlingame, San Mateo, California; Roll: T627_332; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 41-84
    • Laura - San Mateo, San Mateo, California; Roll: T627_330; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 41-36  Mary is living with her daughter.


  • Record of Appointment of Postmasters, 1832-1971. NARA Microfilm Publication, M841, 145 rolls. Records of the Post Office Department, Record Group Number 28. Washington, D.C.: National Archives. 
  • New Orleans, Louisiana Birth Records V:9; p1380
  • Edward Obituary: Times Gazette 7 Aug 1897

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

San Mateo County Places: The Story of Camp Fremont

World War I Army Training by San Francisco Bay: 
The Story of Camp Fremont by Barbara Wilcox.  
Review by Cath Madden Trindle

I'll admit I'm very interested in Camp Fremont.  My grandfather was in the Student Army Training Corp at Stanford.  So I wasn't surprised that I found this book fascinating.

Even if you had no family at Camp Fremont, no one at Stanford and no one in California, I think you will find the book worth reading.  It is a well researched treatise of the politics of setting up the Camps for WWI, including government promises and their fulfillment, or lack thereof.  The involvement of San Francisco politicians, the Spring Valley Water Company, Menlo Park developers Hoag and Lansdale and many others is explored.

Just 128 pages long (not counting pages of sources) you will find discussions of the ambivalence of the US populace to the war, the problems of training and deployment and the issues involved in locating so many young men next to a University that had female students.  Also covered is the empowerment of women as they took to nursing and took on roles typically held by males at the university.  No look at WWI is complete without mention of the Spanish Influenza and this book covers it well and includes information on the building of Dibble Army Hospital.

Camp Fremont sent few soldiers to the war.  Ms. Wilcox does a great job of covering the service of the 319 Engineers who were deployed.  I especially appreciated the chapter "Mapping the Future".  Here you will find discussion of the tunnels and trenches dug as the engineers prepared for war and the mapping processes that they used.

This review is just a tiny glimpse of the contents of a very interesting book.  I highly recommend it to all.     Review by Cath Madden Trindle

The book can be ordered on 

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SMC Families: Victoriano Guerrero

Victoriano William Guerrero (Francisco-1) 

was born about 23 Dec 1848. (1)  

Victoriano grants his mother in fee simple, lot 3, as the land was partitioned in March of 1874.  This lot contained 3629.59 acres and Victoriano was paid $8000 in gold coin.

For the sum of $5 Victoriano bought lot forty and one half  on the plat of Half Moon Bay Colony tract from the Savings and Loan Society  This lot was adjacent to a lot belonging to his mother and contained 8.08 acres of land.  Victoriano bought other lots from the Savings and Loan Society.

Victoriano William Guerrero and Emma F Irwin, who was born about 1855, were married on 28 Dec 1873 in San Mateo.

 Victoriano was living in San Mateo in 1880 and  in Colma, San Mateo CA on 9 Oct 1890.  In 1900 Emma was living in Sausalito in Marin County.  She died on 7 Nov 1905.

 “GUERRERO - In this city,  November 7, 1905, Emma F. Guerrero, beloved mother of Mrs. Josephine  A. Baldwin, and sister of Washington Irwin, a native of  San   Francisco, Cal., aged 50 years.  The funeral will take place Thursday, November 9, 1905, at 11 o’clock a.m. , from the parlors of Carew & English, 29 Van Ness avenue.  Interment strictly private,   Cypress Lawn Cemetery, by electric car from Eighteenth and Guerrero"

Victoriano died on 29 Aug 1928 at the age of 79 leaving no living heirs.

Victoriano William Guerrero and Emma F Irwin had the following child:

Josephine Guerrero, born 29 Sep 1874, San Mateo Co. CA; died 24 Feb 1908, San Francisco, San Francisco, California, United States.

SMCGS Databases: Orphans and Indigents

Covering the years 1910-1915, this ledger of Orphans, Half-Orphans and others receiving public support payments is located in the San Mateo History Museum Archives ( # 15-182-5  //   #5 H2 16). You will find name, birthdate and place, parents, their place of nativity and marriage date and place, application date and notes which include information on why the children need support and who they are living with.

Treasurer's Receipt Book 1904-1912
SMCHA  75 -182-7
The County Poor Farm Report for April 1915 included a listing of Payments to Indigents who were not living on the farm.  Financial reports for the Poor Farm often included amounts paid to county indigents. But this was the only list found in the records found in the San Mateo County Record Repository. The holdings of the SMCHA Archives, however include two ledgers with entries of payments to indigents.  The earliest the "Treasurer's Receipt Book" includes monthly lists from Jan 1904 to Apr 1912. The second the "Day Book" picks up in May of 1912 and goes through Jan 1915.

Day Book 1897-1929
SMCHA  75-182-4
In the back of the day book are some clippings of reports Albert Eikerinkotter made to the board of supervisors. One includes a list of those who were receiving indigent payments and includes the length of time they were receiving those payments.  Although undated it was possible to match it with the registers and date it to March or April of 1905.  Using that list it is possible to identify some payments as early as 1897.

If earlier and later lists are located this database will be updated.  For a listing of resources used for this list and the upcoming list of County Poor Farm / Hospital inmates see the SMCGS website.
(Research / Institutions / Poor Farm Sources)

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

San Mateo County Cemeteries : Tung Sen

Harper's Weekly 28 Jan 1882
Chinese Burial at Lone Mountain
In May 1883, San Francisco, an article in Harper's New Monthly Magazine (VLXVI - No. 396) gave the following description of the chinese burial grounds in San Francisco...."This burial-place is not grouped with the others in the general Golgotha at Lone Mountain, but adjoins that devoted to the city paupers, out among the melancholy sand-dunes by the ocean shore. It is parcelled off by white fences into inclosures (sic) for a large number of separate burial guilds, or tongs, as the Fook Yam Tong, the Tung Sen Tong, the Ye On Tong, etc."  

The article goes on to describe the ceremonial rites on the annual propitiation of the spirits of the dead.  It is an interesting insight into not only the that ceremony but also the desire to convey the bones of the dead back to their homes in China. 

Like all cemeteries in San Francisco, the chinese sections of Lone Mountain were closed to further burials and bodies were eventually re interred in cemeteries in Colma and Daly City.  Russ Brabec's Daly City's Cemeteries gives some of the background for the chinese cemeteries, including Tung Sen which purchased land in 1936.

The Tung [Together] Sen Association (Tung Sen Tang) was founded to provide mutual support within a community of emigres from the Loong Du villages which surround the city of Zhong Shan in the Guangdong province of China.  Language separated not only Chinese from settlers from other counties, but also those within the Chinese community.  The Loong Du segregated themselves in their search for identity and unity settling on just a few streets by the waterfront.  In early years the members of the tang gathered in a dry goods store on Jackson street, sharing news from home and information about jobs.  In 1908 the association contracted for a building on Stockton street.  Today they are listed at 1129 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94133 - (415) 397-2834

 In the early 21st century a "Benevolent" Association was formed, but searches for the webpages they had developed in an effort to share information on the Loong Du historical roots leads only to broken links.  The cemetery, however, is maintained by the Tung Sen Association, alternately called in some listings the Tung Sen Cemetery Association.  I did not call asking for records, but I would think that they would be maintained in the San Francisco office.

The cemetery is located in Daly City at the end of Longford Ave, off Hickey.

 Further research and reading....