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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

SMC Newspapers: San Mateo Times

The San Mateo Times was established as a weekly paper on 4 Apr 1901 by Robert A Thompson. In 1903 the paper was purchased by Paul Pickney and Henry Thiel. Pickney bought out Thiel in 1910 and continued as editor and proprietor until his death on 2 Nov 1918.  His assistant,  Horace W Amphlett, became proprietor and with a short time converted the paper from hand-set to automated.

On 2 Jun 1924 the Times became a daily paper in an effort to compete with the News-Leader.  A year and a half later, on 21 Jan 1926 Amphlett purchased the News-Leader and consolidated it with the Times. In 1930 the San Mateo Times moved its offices to 145 Second Ave in San Mateo.  

Amphlett passed away in 1933, but the newspaper was continued by Amphlett Publishing. In 1944 J Hart Clinton, husband of Helen Amphlett,  took the helm.  By 1957, the editorial staff had grown to 29.   

In 1970 the San Mateo Times claimed a readership of over 81,000 and had offices in Burlingame and Redwood City as well as San Mateo. In 1996 the paper was sold to Ang Newspapers, a subsidiary of Media-News group, and renamed the San Mateo County Times.  In 2016 the San Mateo County Times was merged into the San Jose Mercury News.


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The Mercury News - San Mateo
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San Jose Mercury News - San Mateo 2016

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