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Saturday, March 14, 2020

The Virtual Genealogist is Online!

Breaking news:  With the closure of many genealogy classes, schools, and libraries, the Virtual Genealogist has automatically been activated.  And it happened here on the SMCGS blog!
Here's what I know:
She (and it is a she) doesn't seem to know all the answers, but is able to field questions and send them out to the community to be answered.
She requires input from genealogy students and teachers in order to operate.  No batteries required.
It's sort of like the Emergency Medical Hologram from StarTrek.
How to work it:  Submit questions to  These will be published on the blog and opened to community suggestions/answers.
What is the best publishing company to use for my family history?
Why did my great grandfather abandoned his family and move to Nova Scotia?
How can I find records from Poland in the 1800s?

Don't fall behind with your family research.  This is a great opportunity to catch up on your writing and fill in those missing sources.
The VG does not clean houses however.  This is also a great time....

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