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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sanchez Adobe

Nestled in San Pedro Valley (Pacifica)  is the second oldest house in San Mateo County.  Begun in 1842 by Don Francisco Sanchez it sits on land that had originally known as the village Pruristac home of the Ramaytush band of the Ohlone Tribe. 
Diagram of Mission Buildings

In 1776 Mission Dolores established an outpost, San Pedro y San Pablo Asistencia, on the site to facilitate mission work and to grow food for the mission.  Logs mark the boundaries of the original buildings.  

The outpost was abandoned in 1834 when the mission system was dismantled. 

In 1836 the land was part of the Rancho San Pedro grant to Francisco Sanchez.  Sanchez was Commandant of the Presidio and the eighth Alcade of San Francisco.  The house was finished in 1846.

In 1871 the adobe was purchased by James Regan, who defaulted on his mortgage.  It was then sold to Gen. Edward Kirkpatrick, commander of the presidio,  in 1879.  Kirkpatrick expanded the adobe to 20 rooms.  It then became Hotel San Pedro;  the Prohibition era speakeasy, Adobe House; and an artichoke storage facility before being purchased by the county in 1947.  Restoration of the original adobe was completed in 1953.

Today Sanchez Adobe is a County Park managed by the San Mateo County Historical Association.  Plans are underway for an interpretive center and other facility upgrades.  

Inside the adobe you will find examples of tools, furniture, fixtures, and more from the time of the Sanchez and Kirkpatrick families.  

Each year on the third Saturday of September, Rancho Day at Sanchez Adobe offers early California music and dance, original Rancho food, demonstrations of bygone trades and the opportunity to participate in do it yourself crafts.  This year that would be September 15.  This is a great opportunity to experience a little bit of San Mateo County's past. 

Location: 1000 Linda Mar Blvd, Pacifica

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