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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Labor in the Cemetery

San  Francisco Call - 13 Oct 1892
CDNC Collections

In 1892 over 80 men with the Granite-cutters Union went on strike demanding 50 cents and hour and 8 hour days.

San Francisco Call 4 Apr 1903
CDNC Collection

In April 1903 it was reported differences settled between the Cemetery Workers Union and several had been San Mateo County Cemeteries.

SF Chronicle 4 Jun 1903 p39
However, it appears that the agreements did not go without a hitch, two months later it was reported that a Boycott against Cypress Lawn had been called off  after arbitration by Mayor Schmitz.  The 23 men who had gone on strike were to be reemployed and the 8 non-union scabs would all be let go within 2 weeks.


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